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Arnolfini - est 1961

The Station, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG

An exhibition exploring what it means to be human. As we navigate our social reality, the human experience becomes vast and complex. We are all a work in progress, never finished but always growing. 

Produced in collaboration with Creative Youth Network, Arnolfini and UWE’s MA Curating, We Don’t Have All The Answers is a coming together of four young South West affiliated artists – Jasmine Armstrong, Caitlin Dawkes, Tsipora St. Clair Knights, and Kieran Walker – in Bristol for the first time.  

Including newly commissioned sculpture, image, text, and sound-based installation works, We Don’t Have All The Answers is an invitation to share in these artists’ experiences of grappling to find a place in the world amid growing barriers and deepening inequalities.  It is a critique and questioning of social norms, that asks audiences to reflect on how harmful ideas can grow to become unquestioned and normalised as social systems.  Presenting questions rather than answers, these works urge us to imagine possibilities for other, more inclusive worlds, and broader ways we might imagine being human.

We Don’t Have All The Answers – But We’re Working Towards Something will be running at The Station, Silver Street, Bristol BS1 2AG, from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday between Friday 4 November and Saturday 26 November.