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Arnolfini - est 1961

Oscar winning actress Judi Dench embarks on a magical journey to uncover the mysteries about one of her greatest passions – trees.

Ever since she was a child she has objected to anyone cutting trees down. She shared her passion for trees with her late husband, actor Michael Williams, and together they nurtured their own arboretum. This film follows Judi’s journey through the seasons, and her mission to understand trees vital roles in our history and our future. With the help of some of the best tree scientists and the latest scientific equipment, Judi unlocks the remarkable secret lives of trees. She hears them drink, discovers how they feel and learns how they fight off invading armies. Through amazing research she learns how trees communicate, and even protect each other. It’s confirmation for Judi that trees aren’t just trees, they’re a real community that help each other and the planet.

United Kingdom, 58 mins
Atlantic Productions
Nominated for: Presenter Award

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