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Arnolfini - est 1961

Rise Of The Warrior Apes tells the twenty year story of the largest and most powerful chimpanzee society ever known.

Through the extraordinary lives of four unique chimps we experience an intense political drama and bloody conflict in the African jungle. Using previously unseen footage, and witness testimony from the scientists who have observed and filmed them since 1993, we reveal a story of unbreakable friendship, fierce rivalry and unparalleled ambition that gave rise to the warrior apes of Ngogo.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director James Reed and contributor John Mitani. 

United Kingdom, 85 mins
Keo Films
Nominated for: Doghouse Editing Award, NHK Science Award, ORF Animal Behaviour Award, Script Award, Films at 59 Sound Award

WARNING: Contains scenes that some audiences may find distressing

DELEGATES: Week/day ticket holders don’t need to purchase tickets to screenings as they’re included in your delegate pass. But since capacity is limited, you do need to book a ticket in advance of this screening via Tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis.