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Arnolfini - est 1961

Our Winter Music Series continues with a jam-packed night of more of Bristol’s most exciting musicians and producers.

Kinlaw & Franco Franco

Cybortic Industrial Rap duo Kinlaw & Franco Franco have teamed up for repeated spontaneous freestyle sessions on Noods Radio. They have since recorded neurally enacted/enhanced LP, out in the new year on Avon Terror Corps.


Often wavering away from 4/4 kick drums, Noods resident Luce (aka Charline M. Luce) is best known for her ability to transition between contrasting rhythms, taking dancers on a psychoactive exploration of their senses.

Founder of Greenhouse Effect, her night has built a reputation for blurring the lines between genres. Having previously worked with the likes of Solid Blake (Outer Zone) and Mama Snake (Ectotherm), the Bristol based promotion is also known for its ability to uncover new talents by showcasing less established artists within the local scene.


Jade Hybou & Bokeh Edwards

Jade Hybou hypnotises with tri-botic French poetry that drip drips erotic sarcasm spawned from New Wave, Post-punk roots. Inspired by her mothers art, ‘I sing for her because it is pure love’.

Composition provided by Bokeh Edwards, using alchemy to understand our cybernetic future.

DJ Ductape

If DJ Ductape was a dinner they would be bubble & squeak. Mashed up leftovers, nicely fried into a delicious offering suitable at any time of the day.