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Arnolfini - est 1961


Arnolfini Winter Music Series presents: MLE (Rhythm Section) and Tilly (Noods) for a powerful evening of danceable electricity, exploring the dark and twisted sounds of bleeping electro to synth-ed out EBM and pure wave.


‘With a youth surrounded by endless grass, practical boredom and nothing to do, MLE spent her time escaping to the virtual reality of the internet, discovering the world of electronic music and its digital culture. Musical interests spurred by learning piano, clarinet and drums from a young age, her musical understanding informs an eclectic taste from Turkish disco folk to New Yorkian left field and clanging electro. Combining these interests with a warrior spirit for breaking down gender imbalance within dance music, dope synth noodler, and party instigator. MLE’s dedication is unmatched and will only continue to grow as an artist, selector and booty shaking motivator.’

Mali Baden-Powell



A Bristol selector on the up, Tilly has a varied and endearing sound, grown out of her appreciation of art and culture and her authentic love of electronic music. Currently, she holds a monthly residency on Noods Radio and continues to accumulate and assemble atmospheric mix tapes which she distributes through the airwaves and dancehalls.

Tilly has kept an emphasis on doing her own thing, motivating her to curate an exciting but near-nostalgic collection of tracks. Often feeling like a gatecrasher and operating on the outer edges, she continues to break down barriers and this has earned her a reputation as an honest selector.