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We welcome Bristol/Manchester DJ and arts collective Semi Peppered into the fold for the second Music Series event of 2019

Over the past 3 years Semi Peppered have cemented themselves as both taste makers and party starters in the UK. Welcoming guests such as Elena Colombi for their events and Mr Ho for their podcast series, they never fail to disappoint. Making a space for the experimental and danceable alike, we can’t wait to see how this party goes down.


One of the original trio that came to form Semi Peppered, ‘YUKI AME’, alias of electronic artist Will Irving, was instrumental to the formation and nurturing of the collective through its early years in Bristol. Prior to the collective’s inception, Will had been making music under the YUKI AME moniker since being a teenager, releasing Hip-Hop mixtapes and creating a name for himself amongst a growing sphere of early Soundcloud users. Whilst today still taking huge influence from sample based forms, snippets of unreleased music showcased by YUKI AME in recent radio and live appearances chart an ongoing exploration of a modern appreciation towards both classical compositions and left-field electronic music. His release on Panel last year ‘Anamesis’ was received to critical acclaim and singles ’Circles’ and ‘ Elisa’ featured across a number of BBC Radio 6’s track playlists. Now residing in Poland, YUKI AME has taken a self-proclaimed ‘break from releasing’ to write and study both electronic and classical compositional elements. Following his recent Tate performance in London, we can expect to see a set delicately placed across experiments in synthesis, composition and drum production.

Donnagan [LIVE]

Another founding member of the collective, Donnagan (AKA Joe Dadd) has been a huge driving force in taking the name Semi Peppered from his student radio show into the wider musical landscape. Whilst living in Bristol with YUKI AME, Donnagan fully embraced his lust for percussive-heavy music. Influences of Nu-Grime, Jungle, Dubstep, and Electro seep through, but the mastery of the likes of Rahibi Beani and Pessimist take control of a constantly filling melting pot of influential musicians nodded towards in his production. During 2018, Donnagan was responsible for the score & sound design of internationally selected short film ‘The Door’, with notable screenings at The Palace International Film Festival and Bristol-based Encounters. Having recently performed at Diessa’s Gloam Recordings 01 release party and at the recent Semi Peppered x Inter:Mission event, Donnagan will be armed with an aggressive array of self-designed drum loops ready to unleash a raw & gritty Live set. 

Semi Peppered DJs 

Amongst the finest in the land; taking care of rest of the evening will be the usual trusty steads behind the party atmosphere which has grown akin to the Semi Peppered nights and several shows upon Bristol’s Noods and Manchester’s Limbo radio stations. CDWA, EJ Woodall, L Ben Gretty, and Marko shall be spinning the obscure & danceable delights, spanning the experimental psychedelic works of Yuri Morozov, to the more amicable synth-pop of Torchlight. In typical Semi Peppered fashion, the night will end in a raucous multi b2b where all credibility will be lost as Will plays Grease to close the evening.