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Arnolfini - est 1961

A workshop for 14-18 year olds led by Rider Shafique looking at I-Dentity.

Why is your identity important?
What stops us from belonging?
How does identity influence your creativity?

As human beings we all have a basic need to belong. We believe that belonging isn’t feeling like you’re squeezed in or closed out but is about being able to define who you are on our own terms. Through creatively exploring the importance of our own identity, whilst keeping an eye on how people’s perspectives on identity can differ, we will create a how-to guide to expressing yourself and negotiating the world on your own terms.

Please click here to apply for a place for this workshop. Because there is limited spaces, we will not be allocating places on a first come first serve basis. Please wait for an email confirming your place from us.

We want the workshop to be inclusive and accessible. If you need anything to help you attend please contact

We can provide :

Financial support with bus travel costs
Directions to the Arnolfini
A visual story of the Arnolfini
A guided tour of the Arnolfini before the workshop
The chance to meet Viki on the day of the workshop
Access to a quiet space
Trigger Warnings

Over the course of his career, Rider Shafique has emerged as one of the most distinctive voices operating in the UK underground today. But beyond the world of bassbins and dubplates, Shafique is increasingly known for his wide range of expressive outlets, including touring his one-man spoken word and theatrical performance piece ‘I-Dentity’, which examines his own life experiences growing up in the UK as a black man from a mixed background. Working with a photographer, and utilising his natural links to the community in which he himself is rooted, Rider has also been developing a photographical exhibition, ’Locs’, aimed at documenting the beauty, variety and subtlety of Black British hair styles and their relation to self-identity. Stylistically Rider falls in line with the current generation of emcees who have consciously liberated themselves from the confines of genre and embraced the mercurial spirit of experimentation and adaptability.