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Arnolfini - est 1961

It’s time to re-write the rules. We’re inviting 15-18 year olds across Bristol to work alongside artists, thinkers and doers to create how-to guides that rethink the world and the way we live.

Why do we take risks?

Why do we hold back?

How do we continue?

Some of the most influential people throughout history have fought against apathy, taken a stand against injustice and refused to be ignored despite considerable personal, social and physical risk.
Using game play and improvisation whilst engaging with feelings of vulnerability, fear, joy and hope we will explore risk taking, the moment you stop yourself, and how to continue.

Please click here to apply for a place for this workshop. Because there is limited spaces, we will not be allocating places on a first come first serve basis. Please wait for an email confirming your place from us.

We want the workshop to be inclusive and accessible. If you need anything to help you attend please contact

We can provide :

  • Financial support with bus travel costs
  • Directions to the Arnolfini
  • A visual story of the Arnolfini
  • A guided tour of the Arnolfini before the workshop
  • The chance to meet Viki on the day of the workshop
  • Access to a quiet space
  • Trigger Warnings

Viki Browne is a performance artist based in Bristol. Her work is inspired by images from the front covers of magazines, half forgotten pop culture, a heavily thumbed book and the dance moves at the end of the night. Wrapped in a shroud sequinned with humour, irreverence and compassion, she works with topics that are uncomfortable, risky or taboo. She uses autobiography as a way to unite people in the live event through shared feelings of vulnerability and has made work about mental illness, grief, heartbreak, fear and risk.

She is co-founder and artistic director of Many Minds, a Bristol based mental health and performance charity that facilitate creative spaces and make performance with people who identify with mental ill-health. They run sessions for all ages in a variety of settings  with Cardboard Citizens, 16-25, Bristol City Council, St Mungo’s & the NHS. She works as a consultant & mentor in mental health and access and is a member of Bristol based artist collective Interval.

Now or Never exists to amplify incredible ideas that challenge the way things are and project them into the world. By initiating cooperative spaces for 15-18 year olds to work with artists, thinkers and doers we co-create impactful prototypes for new ways of living. We’re here to discuss what to do when the world is slow, freezing or responding incorrectly.