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Arnolfini - est 1961

UWE Graphic Design presents a drop-in workshop, exploring the future of climate crisis through experimental creative writing.

Exploring a future in which our planet has changed drastically due to the climate crisis, we will question how our language could change in response to this to create a narrative for the climate crisis that is accessible and empowering, free from the anxiety-inducing facts and figures of mainstream media.

The workshop is intended to be a hands-on and highly relatable experience. We welcome all ages and experiences to create a narrative truly reflective of our individuals and communities – drop in through the day and come and go as you wish.

This workshop runs as a part of the UWE Graphic Design final year publication. All content is made with the purpose of using to form a narrative personal to Bristol’s community, reflecting emotions and experiences relating to the climate crisis, which will form a collection of written and visual investigations in to climate futures.


Poster design by – Emilia Bermejo-Ford and Sienna Chapman