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Arnolfini - est 1961

Garry Fabian Miller at Dash + Miller

“When I was young, I knew that home should be at the heart of everything; love and care should provide the emotional core around which beauty and a simple life could be cultivated.”

Garry Fabian Miller 2023. ©️ Alice Hendy Photography

Fabian Miller’s life and art have been shaped by the artists, writers, makers and thinkers with which he has surrounded himself and filled his home. He has found common ground between the ‘potter’s kiln and the photographer’s darkroom’ as ‘sites of alchemy [magic] where simple substances are remade.’

Inspired by the lives of others, here, painters, ceramicists, etchers, dyers and weavers, sit side-by-side, as their work does within the home that Fabian Miller shares with his family on Dartmoor.

Adore includes art and crafts from Fabian Miller’s home, alongside objects and archive material previously shared as part of the exhibition Making, thinking, living, curated by Fabian Miller for the Crafts Study Centre in 2016. In addition to these are collaborative works (hearth rugs and tapestries) from recent projects with Dovecot Tapestry Studio and Dash + Miller and Bristol Weaving Mill.

A special thank you to Alice Hendy Photography for the images.

Garry Fabian Miller cutting off tapestry 2023. ©️ Alice Hendy Photography

“As a young man I searched for people living life with purpose and meaning. Those actively trying to make a better world, in which love and care formed the core around which beauty and simplicity of living was cultivated. Over time, I found guides amongst artists and makers, gardeners and Quakers, thinkers and writers. To my mind, the philosopher and the potter, the painter and the gardener shared an equality of purpose. There was no hierarchy of value…

… I was drawn to makers who had a hinterland, those who sought a balanced, settled life, one in which work and a larger domestic life co-existed. I sought out those whose commitment to their materials and to the art and craft of making merged seamlessly with the creation of a home. I aspired to a day shaped by meaningful acts unfolding in workshop and studio, kitchen and garden. Walking and working, life and ideas would slowly evolve together.”

©️ Alice Hendy Photography

About the Artist

A colour photograph of artist Garry Fabian Miller sat in a white walled and floor studio, surrounded by his work.

Garry Fabian Miller

Garry Fabian Miller (born 1957, Bristol) is one of the most progressive figures in contemporary fine art photography.
ADORE is his third exhibition at Arnolfini in his home city.

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