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Arnolfini - est 1961

‘Beauty, in one sense, is a narrative, an experience, and a value so powerful that it can transform even the most powerful among us into the weakest in a moment. In Praise of Beauty is creative questioning, a deliberate act of bringing beauty into focus, and an opportunity to explore, discover, and rediscover its essence.’ Adébayo Bolaji.

Arnolfini welcome you into the kaleidoscopic and multidisciplinary world of Adébayo Bolaji, whose solo exhibition In Praise of Beauty takes over the first-floor galleries this summer, exploring and questioning notions of beauty through painting, sculpture, film and writing.

About the Artist

A colour photograph of artist Adébayo Bolaji stood in between his artworks No Beauty Without Struggle and The Vessel, both of which are 400cm in height. Adébayo Bolaji is dressed in a long, black coat over a peach coloured shirt and pale green trousers. He wears brown shoes and a dark blue, woolen hat with the word Celine stitched in white. He has just above shoulder length black hair and a beard and looks directly at the camera.

Adébayo Bolaji

Adébayo Bolaji, is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in London, England. At the centre of his practice is the dialogue of change and the focus of the individual within a connecting society.

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