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Arnolfini - est 1961
Civilisation @ New Diorama 2414  © Alex Brenner, Antler


Our friends at MAYK present an award-winning collaboration between Jaz Woodcock-Stewart and Morgann Runacre-Temple; Civilisation is an experiment in theatrical realism and contemporary dance. A hairdryer, an oven, a letter opener. The local church, fiscal policy and Marie Kondo’s folding technique. Civilisation is about the things we’ve lost and the things we’ve built. Civilisation is a day in the life of a woman following a tragic event. From the creator behind critically acclaimed Lands, Civilisation is a sideways look at the untheatrical reality of loss. Music by ABBA and Bach.

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A woman wearing a grey t-shirt an leggings changes the sheets on a double bed, At the foot of the bed stands a crowded clothes rail, lit up by a dim lamp. In the foreground of the image on the opposite side from the woman, two people wearing similar casual dress lie flat on the thick red carpet, half-under the bed. One has their eyes closed and the other is staring at the ceiling. Both have one arm raised above their head.

Civilisation @ New Diorama 2414  © Alex Brenner, Antler


Two figures dance on the floor of a bedroom illuminated in blue and magenta light, arching their backs and thrusting their hips upwards with their hands outstretched. In the background an unmade bed is visible, as is a shelf covered in floral tributes.

Civilisation @ New Diorama 2414  © Alex Brenner, Antler


Director: Jaz Woodcock-Stewart
Choreography: Morgann Runacre-Temple with the company
Made in collaboration with original performer Sophie Steer

Designer: Charlotte Espiner
Lighting Designer: Alex Fernandes
Rehearsal & Production Photography: Alex Brenner
Additional material created by original performers Alethia Antonia, Emily Thompson-Smith, James Olivo

Produced by Antler
Associate Producer: Eve Allin
Commission by New Diorama Theatre
Supported by HOME Manchester, Battersea Arts Centre and Arts Council England

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