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A very special listening workshop conceived in response to Eregata እርጋታ.

This two-hour workshop invites you to walk collectively and tune in to your body, the soil, and the sonic environment of Bristol, while experiencing sounds from Addis Ababa – specifically, audio recordings made at Zoma. In that hybrid reality, facilitated with the INTIMAL App©, the workshop explores what sonic space emerges in-between, and what connections can be established that expand your sense of place and (tele)presence.

To prepare for the walk you will be guided through the technical steps in the use of the App, and will warm up with Deep Listening® exercises. Weather permitting, we will walk outdoors for about 30 minutes. After the walk, we will go back to Arnolfini to share our listening experiences. For the workshop, you will need a mobile phone and headphones. Please also bring water and warm and comfortable clothes.

INTIMAL is an app which facilitates an immersive, walkabout, telematic listening environment. It was created by Ximena Alarcón, for tuning in while sensing place and presence through deeply embodied sonic rituals. INTIMAL is rooted in the migratory experience.

Zoma is an environmentally conscious art institution in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia co-founded by artist Elias Sime and anthropologist, curator and writer Meskerem Assegued.

A sound and listening artist-researcher, Ximena Alarcon brings 13 years of postdoctoral creative research focused on listening to our sonic migrations: through voice, language, body, dreams and networking technologies. She trusts in the healing power that improvising and sounding with others between distant locations can bring to feelings of geographical and cultural loss. Working closely with, and under the tutelage of, Pauline Oliveros, Ximena has studied Deep Listening for over 15 years and is a Senior Tutor at the Centre for Deep Listening at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, New York. In addition to being part of the NowNet Arts team, Ximena’s collaborators include: Viv Corringham, Sarah Weaver, Gloria Damjan, and Jane Wang.

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