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Arnolfini - est 1961

Exhibition of Self Discovery

Conceived by arts organisation Without Shape Without Form, and supported by Arts Council EnglandJourney of the Mind combines Sikh teachings with new forms of storytelling to encourage visitors to think about their own minds to help improve mental wellbeing.  

Featuring figurative drawings and digitally created paintings by world-renowned Sikh artist Kanwar Singh, and short films by British animator Christian Wood, the exhibition explores the stories of those who historically attained the highest spiritual levels.  

Focusing on ‘the mind’, the exhibition explores the texts of Sikh teachers, along with contemporary works to bridge the gap between art, spirituality, and mental health. Going beyond cultural, racial, and religious boundaries, Journey of the Mind aims to overcome the social dilemmas of “Us”, “Them” and “All”, inviting people to understand the commonality that is the mind; providing an alternative approach to understanding something that everyone has in common. 

As we deal with constant pressure from a constantly-connected world, suffering through loneliness and searching for peace, happiness and love from those around us, these are troubled times. Similarly, the impact of COVID-19, concern for the health of our planet and widespread social injustice has left many feeling hopeless and lost. Exploring the idea of pain, the exhibition poses the question ‘what is the medicine that can heal the mind?’, aiming to help people find solutions through ideas on how they can improve their own mental wellness. 

A colour photograph of visitors at Journey of the Mind in Birmingham 2021 by Without Shape without Form A colour photograph of a visitor at Journey of the Mind in Birmingham 2021 by Without Shape without Form
The cover of the Journey of the Mind exhibition guide. In mono the title of the exhibition and dates, with the word mind in huge letters across the page.
The cover of a booklet with Self Reflection written in black across a white background, in huge letters.
A colour photograph of a pile of Journey of the Mind books in the foyer outside Arnolfini Bookshop.

The Journey of the Mind is the first publication from Without Shape Without Form and has been created as an illustrated introduction to the history, stories and teachings of Sikhi. The Gurus (teachers) shared these teachings of kindness, equality and inclusivity, helping all humanity find peace in troubled times and connect with truth through the journey of the mind.

The recommended retail price is £30 but it is available from Arnolfini Bookshop for a special exhibition price of £25.

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