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Arnolfini - est 1961

Combining the cadence and tone of bestselling Irish-Indian poet Nikita Gill’s voice and words, with the live production of internationally renowned British-Sri Lankan finger drummer Gnarly, this union is something completely new that fundamentally shifts the paradigm of live performance.

11= (read as “eleven equals”) is a commission for Without Shape Without Form, where Gnarly x Nikita Gill retell stories of history to a modern audience.

Covering a historical canvas that includes peace, empowerment and uplifting timeless teachings of the 11 Sikh Gurus, this performance aims to bring people together around a significant story in a way they have never been brought together before. Gnarly x Nikita Gill re-enforce a message that has stood the test of time to be ever relevant today.

The natural push and pull between its members is a hypnotic conversation that creates an organic, integrated and deeply moving stage presence. The live motion graphics generated from Gnarly’s cues and Nikita’s hand-drawn illustrations further deepens their collaboration.

Part of Journey of the Mind programme of events at Arnolfini.


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