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For the closing weekend of Acts of Creation: On Art and Motherhood, Laima will present an intimate iteration of her performance ‘Home’, focused on motherhood and domesticity. Using lights, sound, synthesizers and spoken word, Laima will invite the audience to reflect upon love, existence, care, life, and death. Expect a sonic, immersive, thought-provoking live performance.

Laima Leyton (born 1977) is a Brazilian artist currently based in London, U.K.

Her practice fuses music, performance, education and ‘domestication’. Throughout her work, sounds are used to tell unique stories that include elements of audience interaction. Leyton uses questions and actions to connect herself, the audience and sound. This method is common both to her own works and to her collaborations with other artists.

‘Home’ (released in 2019) is Leyton’s conceptual album about motherhood and domestic life. It was performed in people’s homes until 2022, when Leyton broke the narrative, moved towards a conventional music event, and performed ‘Home’ at The Purcell Room (Southbank Centre). During her performances, Leyton modified domestic objects such as washing machines to play synth sounds and effects such as reverbs and filters. This act is true to Leyton’s practice and brings domestication and motherhood into the spotlight.

Leyton’s residency at Gasworks linked local communities to the making and memory of sounds. She is a resident artist at Gasworks.

Leyton has received a fellowship from the charity In Place of War and is represented by Richard Saulton Gallery (London). For her most recent project, Leyton created sound works in response to the writings of philosopher Hannah Arendt, presented as a series of eight exhibitions titled ‘On Hannah Arendt’. Laima is a content collaborator on a fashion project to produce a series of publications and playlists. 

Leyton is also a mother, a music producer and part of the Belgian band Soulwax.

Photograph by Jorre Jansen.

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