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Arnolfini - est 1961

Artists Juneau Projects collaborated with students from Elmlea Primary School, St Mary Redcliffe Primary School and Frome Vale Academy to sculpt, draw and cut-out a collaborative moss habitat that will fill Arnolfini’s second floor gallery, exploring this microscopic world and the creatures that live there.

Moss grows all around us, in the country and in the city, on buildings, trees, rocks, paving slabs and many more places. It’s one of the earliest lifeforms to have colonised land. Inside a clump of moss, no matter how tiny, lives a whole world of microscopic creatures such as the tardigrade, a tiny creature with eight legs that can survive the toughest condition.

Come and explore the moss habitat in Arnolfini’s second floor gallery to learn more. Free entry.

This exhibition is in collaboration with our partners Bridges for Communities‘ Bristol School Linking programme. Bristol School Linking twins year 5 primary classes from schools across Bristol’s diverse communities for a yearlong programme of building friendships, encouraging a sense of togetherness and challenging prejudice and stereotypes.

This exhibition is part of a public art project happening across 2022-23, a collaboration between Arnolfini and UWE Bristol, to create a new public artwork for UWE Frenchay with artists Juneau Projects.

A photograph of a wooden surface, lit by streams of light, with painted wooden creatures perched on it.
Courtesy of Juneau Projects

About the Artist

A photograph of artist duo Juneau Projects, Phil and Ben, standing smiling in a disused swimming pool.

Juneau Projects

Juneau Projects was formed by Phil Duckworth and Ben Sadler in 2001. They specialise in collaborative public artworks, developed with and for the communities that will interact with them on…

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